Classical Flooring

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In order to distinguish classical design from other styles, it is important to understand the design’s influences, color scheme, flooring options, textile usage, architectural accents, and more. A mainstay for many homes and even office spaces, classical design is both historic and beautiful.

What is Classical Design?

A good design is timeless and can span centuries: that’s the basis of classical design. Classical design draws influences from Ancient Greek and Roman times. This old-world design style is based upon order, balance, symmetry, and harmony, and unlike modern design (link), classical design has no current influences. Instead, classic interior design is steeped in tradition.

What Colors Work With Classical Design?

The color palate of a classicly design room includes: blues, greens, and earth tones. In addition, black can be used to outline important items within a room. All in all: classical design blends a myriad of colors together to create the perfect balance.

More on Classical Design

Classical designs are based on one large focal point. Whether a duo of pillars, fireplace, or expansive window, this design style is visually powerful.

Classical flooring options do not stray that far from the materials used in Ancient Greece. Wood, marble, slate, and stone materials are all common to a classical space.

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