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Once you have come to a decision to remodel or build a home, the first think you should figure out is the design style you are looking to achieve. If you want to capture a nautical aesthetic where you are swept away to the seaside -- even if you are land-locked -- check out more information and ideas on a coastal style.

What is Coastal Design?

Coastal design emphasizes natural textures in an calm and homey atmosphere. It is inspired by iconic images of the sea - from ships and maps, to coral reefs and aquatic life.

What Colors Are in a Coastal Design Palate?

A coastal inspired house is bathed in a cool, calm palette with sand-colored walls and hints of ocean hues... Think light blues, seashell white, navy blue, coral, turquoise, orange and shipyard brown. Walls and flooring tend to be a subtle color, while accent pieces, trim, or furniture provide a colorful pop.

What Fabrication Works Well With This Design?

A coastal-inspired space has a bright, classic feeling is heightened by a mix of textures, soft lines, and architecture. Coastal spaces often have crown molding and texture to its walls and ceilings, while floors can be a myriad of materials from bamboo to tile.

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