Eco-Friendly Limestone

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Nowadays it is becoming more important to remodel our spaces with the earth in mind. Home and business owners are looking for ways to liven up their spaces with eco-friendly products that are beautiful as well as functional. Limestone, as a naturally occurring material, is luxurious as well as environmentally friendly. Here are a few reasons limestone is a great choice for your home, as well as the environment.

Recycled Material

Companies have started offering post-consumer limestone. That means that you can take advantage of limestone tiles that are made from recycled material. Beyond this, you can also recycle your own limestone tiles once you remove them from your floors.

Eco-Friendly Sealers and Cleaners

If you can’t find recycled limestone in your area, you can create an eco-friendly space in your home by using non-toxic sealers that are safer for the environment as well as your family. You can also use mild, plant-based soaps on your floors that are not hazardous for the environment and made from sustainable, healthy materials.

Local Limestone

Another way to purchase eco-friendly flooring materials is to buy limestone from local quarries. That way, the limestone does not have to travel far, saving on shipping materials and keeping flooring products local.

There are plenty of ways to purchase gorgeous flooring that is better for the environment than traditional flooring materials. Conduct your own research and ask a reputable flooring manufacturer to help you find the most environmentally friendly flooring products available.

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