Eco-Friendly Recycled Rubber Flooring

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If you're looking for a flooring option that is low-cost, durable, and environmentally friendly then look no further than recycled rubber flooring. Believe it or not, rubber flooring suits a number of spaces like a garage, fitness facility, playroom, home bar area, or even a kitchen. Let’s explore:

Sustainable Practices
Rubber flooring or tiles are sourced from the para rubber tree, a tree indigenous to southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. Though the whole tree is sacrificed during the harvesting process, the cut-down trees are replanted at the source. 

A Recycled Product
Recycled rubber flooring is typically made from used tires and other post-consumer products. Using post-consumer materials means less new materials are used in order to create flooring. “The process of manufacturing is low cost, and requires less energy than is used in the creation of most other resilient floors. In many cases it is also the least expensive rubber flooring option available,” notes

Rubber flooring is a resilient material that can often last for twenty years or more. Think of a tire: it’s composed of a durable material can withstand thousands upon thousands of miles of travel. A rubber floor has that same time-tested durability.

Improved Air Quality
Rubber flooring is also low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which means your rubber floor won't emit an excess of toxins into the air. This also makes rubber flooring a great option for playgrounds, daycares, and other places where small children play, as well as dog kennels and animal stalls.

Added Benefits
Not only is rubber suprisingly eco-friendly, but it also comes in ranging color varieties. The next generation of rubber flooring looks just as good as any other choice, coming in colors like beige, brown, gray, black, taupe, white, and even violet. Rubber flooring is water resistant and anti-microbial, so you can trust that your rubber flooring is safe, clean, and environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking for other Earth-friendly flooring products, check out alternatives like bamboo or cork.

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