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An entertainment room is exclusively used for having fun and just as the name indicates, entertainment! Here you can listen to music, watch the latest Hollywood flick, play games, or host a family Wii tournament. Follow these design considerations to create the perfect entertainment room:

Design Considerations

  • Use of space: Will the entertainment room be a stand-alone room, or will it be combined with another space like a family room or bedroom? Understanding this will help you decide on the use of space.
  • Design style: There are multiple design styles used in an entertainment room, though contemporary to traditional are the most commonly used. Furnishings, flooring, wall color, wall accents, and architectural form all contribute to the overall design style.
  • Storage: Plentiful storage is key in an entertainment room. Keep those DVDs, games, art supplies, and magazines hidden with the use of closets, trunks, entertainment centers, and built-ins.
  • Budget: Remodeling or creating an entertainment space can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000. Consider how much money you have to play with and that will help you decide on furnishings, electronics, flooring, and design accents.

Material Considerations

Homedesignlover.com suggests that if you don’t want the noise often times produced in entertainment rooms to fill other areas of the house, furnish the room with sound-absorbing materials like carpet, thick curtains, and acoustic paneling.

Another material choice you’ll have to make is flooring. If you expect your entertainment room to be prone to food and beverage spills, consider an easily-to-maintain solution like rubber flooring. This type of flooring has a cool, contemporary feel to it, plus you can couple it with an area rug for a design pop.

As far as lighting goes, Remodeling Magazine suggests to have flexible options. Two family members might want to socialize on the sofa while others play video games. Use a variety of canned lights, spotlights, track lighting, and lamps to create versatile lighting options for the room.

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