Tips for Installing Specialty Tile

Sara Miller
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Specialty tile isn’t unique in installation, however certain considerations should be made in order for you to enjoy your accent tile for many years. Here are a few basic tips for installing specialty tile:

Order Extra Material

This is the most important part of installing specialty tile. Order two of every accent tile. That way, if you need to replace a broken tile, you have a new one ready to go. In many cases, lines of specialty tile are discontinued, so when you need to reorder it may not be available.

Properly Seal

Always be sure to properly seal your tile. That way, if you are installing a material that is porous, it will be protected from water damage. Use a manufacturer recommended product.

Install Where Appropriate

There are countless applications for specialty tile, but that doesn’t mean that every option is the right fit for every room. Specialty tile can be installed in a child’s room, but refrain from installing marble because it can become damaged easily. In high traffic areas, choose materials that are harder and less susceptible to damage (granite).

Install your specialty tile according to the instructions. In some cases, this may involve mortar and a notched trowel. In other cases, your installation may be as simple as installing a light switch cover. Be diligent in your maintenance and enjoy your specialty/accent tiles for many years.

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