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A laundry room, otherwise known as a utility room, is a room where clothing is washed. In a modern household, a laundry room would be equipped with a washing machine, dryer, a large basin tub, and an ironing board. Consider these design and material notes when creating your ideal laundry room:

Design Considerations

Before you begin any sort of construction, consider how you intend to use the space. Will you use it for laundry only? Will you iron, fold laundry, and store items in there as well? All these questions will help you decide on the design layout. 

Also, a laundry room is typically a smaller space, therefore the use of space is critical. Utilize every inch of the area by using shelving above the washer or dryer, and getting inventive where you can add storage. Add a hanging rod, designate spaces for certain household items, and put away all trinkets and detergents.

Material Considerations

Flooring: Just as you would consider water-resistant material in a kitchen or bathroom, you will want to do the same in a laundry room. Materials like linoleum squares and luxury vinyl flooring provide inexpensive and durable options for homeowners. Carpet and hardwood are difficult flooring materials to clean up after a large spill or flood, so consider avoiding those materials in a laundry room.

Lighting: This room of the house is all about utility, but spice it up and add a personal touch. Recessed lighting highlights the display of coveted pictures, keepsakes, and design accents.

Intelligent Design

Southern Living suggests to use a serene color palette creates a sense of organization. Create an overall calming effect with countertop, storage space, washer- and dryer-concealing curtains, and wall colors.

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