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Every restaurateur hopes to give his or her customers the most enjoyable dining experience possible. Part of the overall experience extends past the dining options - the ambiance. The mood is set with the proper design style and material considerations.

Design Considerations

Design Style: Just as you would select a design style for a room in your house, you also want to create a motif that coincides with the type of food your restaurant features. For example, a rustic or Tuscan style blends perfect with Italian fare, or a contemporary design a new American restaurant.

Costs: Though cutting corners in your design is tempting as a restaurateur, doing so could lead to long-term problems and unnecessary renovations, notes Think 10 and 20 years out, rather than just a year when deciding how to spend money during the design process.

Dining Layout: Humans inherently have a desire to be physically close. “And when a restaurant design provides an uplifting social environment and a fresh look on life, it attracts guests,” notes the Restaurant Report. With this in mind create pods of intimate tables, while also providing the variety of street-side seating or room for large parties. If the space is a large, open area; consider breaking up the seating with blockades or eye-level partitions, to break up the space. All in all, notes “a healthy combination of booths, tables, large tables and private spaces give the best chance to maximize revenue.”

Material Considerations

Noise-softening materials: A busy restaurant is fantastic for your bottom line, but also very loud. Furnishings like wall coverings, window treatments, thick curtains, acoustic paneling, and other sound-absorbing materials all can minimize noise pollution.

Flooring considerations: It’s a no-brainer that carpet is a no-no in a restaurant, but any stain resistant, durable, and easy-to-walk on surface will work in your design. Flooring can range from hardwood to natural stone and should be driven by your overall design aesthetic.

Intelligent Design

A new fad in restaurant design is sustainability. Not only do sustainable products reduce the overall electricity costs, and helps to create a more eco-friendly environment, but restaurant patrons will also appreciate your respect of Mother Nature.

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