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A salon and barbershop design should bespeak glamour and indulgence. Salon and barber shops can be a great investment and fun project, but before you even consider making the plunge, note the following design and construction considerations:

Design Considerations

Budget: Setting a budget before you begin your construction will help you set all other design decisions for your salon or barber shop. Remember: Though cutting corners in your design may be tempting, doing so could lead to long-term problems and unnecessary renovations. Think 10 and 20 years out, rather than just a year when deciding how to spend money during the design process.

Stick With A Universal Style: Industrial and sleek... time-tested and old-word... underworld/gothic... down-home and rustic... Contemporary with pop-culture accents... Your design options are vast in a salon or barber shop. A decision that comes in a close second to budget is your design style. Lighting, wall colors, flooring, architectural accents, and even salon chairs all contribute to the overall design style of a space. Pick one design style and stick with it!

Here’s a checklist of need-to-haves for a salon or barbershop:

  • Entrance/Check-in
  • Waiting area
  • Break room
  • Administrative offices
  • Retail space

Material Considerations

Consider cleanup when you are shopping for flooring material. Choose a floor that is durable, easy to sweep, and vibes with the overall design aesthetic. Tile, hardwood, wood veneers, and even luxury vinyl all work well with salons and barbershops. If you plan to tile your floors, use a dark-hued grout color, so it doesn’t show dirt or hair buildup.

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