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After you decide that it’s time to build or remodel a space the first thing you should ask yourself is, “What design style do I want to go for?” Let’s explore it’s origin, color scheme, fabrication, and aesthetic of southwestern design so you can make the decision of whether or not this style is right for the space you are designing for.

What is Southwestern Style?

This lived-in style with Native American and Spanish influences conjures up images of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Southwestern style has earth-tone colors, intricate textures, crafted objects, brightly colored accents, and terra cotta. Don’t think that this style is exclusive to the southwest: many residences around the country have a southwestern design influence. The decorating style simply brings the outside in through the use of natural materials, such as clay and wood, for furniture and accessories.

What Colors Work With Southwestern Design?

Picture the colors that paint the desert: neutral hues, shots of bright yellow, succulent pink, dusty orange, adobe, cactus green, turquoise, and terra cotta. All of these shades are incorporated into the wall colors, flooring, fabric, architectural accents, and accessories of a southwestern home.

What Fabrication is Common With This Style?

Southwestern-style materials are made of a rustic wood with a simple finish. Furniture pieces such as armoires and cabinets are common, and sometimes are given a “distressed” look.

Other materials used in southwest design include: leather, suede, cotton, iron, and wool. The main prerogative of this material is to reflect the connection with man and nature. Any of these materials can be used for upholstery, rugs and other accessories. Slate and terra cotta are used in both othdoor and indoor applications of a Southwestern home.

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