Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring that Withstands High Traffic

Like bamboo, cork offers a strong, durable and eco-friendly flooring option for both homes and businesses. It's a tough product that is often popular for use in banks, court houses, churches and libraries. In fact, churches and libraries from the 1800s still boast their original cork flooring - a testimony to the product's strength and durability.

Cork contains many natural properties which make it ideal for several different settings and environments, including warehouses, garages and kitchens. Apart from its durability, cork provides a soft, spongy cushion underfoot, which gives relief to those who work on their feet for long periods. Its porous nature also makes it a natural heat insulator and helps with noise reduction.

Cork is harvested from the bark of a cork tree, but the tree itself is not destroyed. The tree simply regrows the bark, and in nine years, it's ready for harvest again. As a result, cork flooring is a very environmentally-friendly product. Suberin, a natural substance within cork, repels insects and also makes cork fire resistant.

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