Alabama Flooring

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Design Trends and Architecture in Alabama

Alabama residents pull much of their identity from being located in the deep Southern United States. Much of the architecture includes older homes, some even reviving plantations from the 18th century. In many of these homes hardwood floors and natural stone floors are found rather than more modern products like carpet and vinyl. On the other hand, there are bustling, artistic cities like Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama that are home to modern apartment buildings and condominiums. In many of these homes, luxurious materials like natural stone are used as well as practical, easy to maintain vinyl and laminate in kitchens and bathrooms.

How to Buy and Maintain a Floor in Alabama

Alabama’s climate sees a fair amount of variety, but for the most part it remains very warm. Located in the Southeastern United States, Alabama is known for its subtropical climate and hot and humid summers. The lower half of Alabama is close to the Gulf of Mexico, which provides warm ocean air, as well as a decent amount of humidity. Because of this, the top half of the state is often much cooler than the lower half. Alabama also has the unique challenge of enduring a dangerous hurricane season from roughly July through November. Because of this, a number of homeowners require stable flooring materials made from durable products.

Finding a Flooring Contractor Near You

How do you find a flooring contractor in Alabama that is experienced and professional? Use our service contact list to find only qualified and licensed contractors in your area. Don’t see your city? Be sure to let us know so we can find professional flooring contractors near you. Always ask for testimonials and previous work samples to be absolutely sure you are hiring a floor installer you feel comfortable with.