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Flooring in Indiana

Like a lot of the Midwestern United States, Indiana sees mild climate with moderate winters and warm summers. However mild the climate may be, Indiana remains one of the most prone to tornadoes. This moderate climate enables homeowners to choose from a variety of flooring materials. However, the threat of extreme weather has plenty of homeowners choosing products that are durable and long lasting, such as hardwood and laminate. Still, homeowners often choose maintenance free and affordable products such as laminate and carpet.

Architectural Styles in Indiana

There are many historical buildings throughout the state of Indiana that are designed with Greek and Gothic Revival styles. At the same time, there are also residential, Prairie style homes with brick walls and low roofs. Similarly, bungalows are also popular throughout Indiana. These homes typically have wood siding or brick exteriors with low roofs. Bungalow and prairie homes will typically have hardwood floors throughout, with tiles installed in the kitchens and bathrooms. More modern, efficient homes will also install laminate tiles throughout the moisture-prone areas for affordability and ease of maintenance.

Finding a Flooring Expert in Indiana

A flooring expert will be able to correctly install your floors while recommending maintenance products to keep your floors looking newer for longer. Check out our service contact list to find a professional floorer near you. If you don’t see your city listed, please let us know so that we can help you find a flooring professional in your area. You should make sure your flooring expert is licensed and insured. Ask for work samples before hiring a flooring professional. Discount Flooring can also recommend a kitchen and/or bathroom installer to help you renovate your entire room.