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Severe Winters in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state steeped in rich history, from its Native American roots to the first English settlers. That state is located in the northeastern US, and its climate is typical of that region. Mild summers are followed by cold and snowy winters. Massachusetts is prone to severe blizzards known as nor’easters, which can result in extremely cold temperatures and sometimes several feet of snow. Because of this severe weather, it is necessary to consider a stable and durable floor that can handle a lot of wet weather. Natural stone will be one of the most durable materials, but laminate and bamboo floors will also hold up well during the winter months. Be sure to use area rugs at entrances to pick up some of the excess moisture as well as dirt and debris.

Home Styles Throughout Massachusetts

Massachusetts was once home to the first English settlers, and subsequently houses some of the oldest colonial houses. American Colonial architecture is still predominate throughout the state. This type of architecture includes steep roofs, natural sunlight and plenty of hardwood. Some of the more elaborate designs do include natural stone, however hardwood is the predominate material in these homes.

Massachusetts Flooring Experts

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