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Choosing Flooring in Montana

Montana is the fourth largest state in the US, and the terrain is incredibly varied. Because of the plethora of lakes, mountains and badlands the climate throughout Montana is varied too. Cold continental air blowing south from Canada brings a lot of extreme winter weather. Similarly, many of the mountain ranges throughout the state bring heavy snow, which requires a stable floor that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Winter weather and snow bring a lot of moisture, mud and debris in along with it. Because of this, many homeowners require a floor that is easy to clean up, and won’t become damaged with a lot of winter moisture. Natural stone and hardwood are good options, but if you are looking for something more affordable, laminate and luxury vinyl are also good choices.

Changing Montana Architecture

A lot of tourists fall in love with the remote scenery of Montana, and frequently relocate there. Because of this, the architectural style in Montana is becoming more modern and eclectic. More natural stone is being used, and older homes are being restored while preserving the natural hardwood. Throughout Montana, people are preserving the “ranch home” aesthetic and either building or restoring homes with high ceilings and large hearths. In more urban areas of the state, like Helena, Montana, the state capital is an expansive built with sandstone and granite.

Finding a Montana Floorer

Our service contact lists have plenty of floorers that can help you install a new floor or restore an old floor. If you don’t see your city listed, be sure to let us know so we can help you find a contractor near you. We are also happy to recommend a bathroom or kitchen contractor that can help you remodel other areas of your home. As with any home renovation project, always ask for previous work samples and references.