New Hampshire Flooring

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New England Climate and Flooring Products

New Hampshire is a typical New England state in terms of climate. The southeastern corner of the state experiences milder weather because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The rest of the state experiences hot summers and wet, sometimes extreme winters. New Hampshire also experiences nor’easter blizzards that dump an abundance of snow on the state. In cold homes where the temperature is not regulated (cabins, for example) hardwood and laminate are not good options. These flooring materials can not withstand moisture and/or may expand/contract during the extreme temperature changes. A stone tile, like slate is a good option because it will stand up to moisture and retain its shape during temperature changes. Warm up the area with area rugs that can keep rooms comfortable while trapping dirt and moisture at entryways.

New England Architecture and Home Styles

New Hampshire features typically New England style Colonial and Georgian homes with symmetrical shapes and hardwood exteriors. Many of these homes have been restored to update the materials inside. More populated areas, like Concord have small, cultural neighborhoods that feature brick buildings where shops and government offices are located.

Finding a Professional Flooring Expert in New Hampshire

Our service contact lists offer comprehensive directories of professional floorers in New Hampshire. If you don’t see your city listed let us help you find an experienced floorer who can help you update your floors. We can also recommend a bathroom or kitchen contractor who can give other areas in your home a facelift. When you are ready to update your home always hire a reputable contractor with references and work samples.