New Mexico Flooring

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Thinking about Heat While Living in New Mexico

New Mexico has a unique climate compared to other states in the US. While it is considered a mountain state, New Mexico more closely exhibits climate typical of the southwest. Dry weather persists throughout most of the year and the state only sees an average of less than 14 inches of precipitation a year. The biggest concern when installing a new floor in an arid climate is heat. High temperatures can cause materials like bamboo, hardwood and even laminate to buckle and expand. If you are installing these materials always do so in a temperature controlled room. Otherwise, natural stone is a viable option. Ceramic tiles look great in many areas, but if you are looking to cut cost, an affordable stone like slate is also good.

Unique Home Styles of New Mexico

Native American and Spanish influence have affected the architectural styles of New Mexico. Pueblo style architecture is abundant throughout much of the state. These homes are typically one story dwellings made with clay and brick. While few modern pueblo homes are actually built with clay, many still exhibit the pueblo style of rounded doors and windows and low roofs. Commercial architecture in New Mexico features an art deco style, with dramatic edges and eclectic details such as the Hotel Clovis in Clovis New Mexico. This type of architecture utilizes a lot of stone such as marble and ceramic.

New Mexico Flooring Contractors

Before you hire a flooring contractor in your area be sure to check out our service contact lists to find a complete directory of recommended contractors near you. If you do not see your area listed, be sure to let us know so we can find you a reputable floorer near you. We can also recommend a bathroom or kitchen renovator to help you in other areas of your home. No matter where you find a floorer in New Mexico, always ask for work samples and testimonials to be sure you are hiring someone with experience.