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Special Considerations for Buying and Maintaining New Floors in New York

The climate in New York can be drastic. Summers are typically short but can get humid. On the other hand, winters are long and full of lake effect snow. Much of New York remains covered in snow from late-November until late-March. New York endures a lot of rain and sometimes hail throughout the year in addition to heavy snows. Temperatures remain below freezing for much of the winter throughout New York. This becomes a concern for many homeowners who are diligent in making sure their pipes don’t freeze during the long and harsh winters. Another concern of homeowners should be the type of floors they are installing, as well as the integrity of their subfloors. Because New York sees so much moisture throughout the year it is so important to make sure the subfloor is intact and free of cracks. If there are cracks in a subfloor it is important to properly treat them and further protect against damage with a stable underlayment. Equally important is making sure a professional takes a look at any damage in your subfloor BEFORE you have a new floor installed. Wet floors can be difficult to maintain because water will often pool in certain spots on the floor. Homeowners in this type of climate are encouraged to invest in hardwood or natural stone floors because they are easier to maintain in warmer climates than materials like carpet.

Design Trends in New York City and Beyond

New York City is home to some of the most renowned architecture in the world. Gothic styled buildings like the Woolworth Building provide depth and variety to the aesthetic of New York Towering skyscrapers like the Empire State Building make New York City famous across the world. The commercial buildings throughout much of New York City are filled with granite, marble and other luxurious materials, as well as sturdy flooring options that can stand up to tourists, professionals and other heavy foot traffic. Art deco and other eclectic architectural styles demand sleek and modern styles of flooring like natural stone. In modern apartment buildings, residents can enjoy hardwood and natural stone flooring as well.

However, beyond New York City lies a vast amount of countryside. The rural areas of New York are filled with rustic country homes. Many homes in New York State have hardwood floors and carpet floors throughout them, as well as other durable options. Because of all the moisture, snow and mud that is prevalent throughout a lot of the year in New York, it is important to install a stable floor that can withstand a lot of wear and tear while also being easy to clean.

Finding a Floor Installer in New York

There are so many options when choosing a flooring expert that it is important to choose carefully. Visit our service contact lists to find installers in your specific area. If you don’t see your city listed, be sure to tell us. As with any home renovation professional, be sure to ask for previous work samples as well as testimonials of past clients. Your flooring professional should also be fully licensed and insured. If you are renovating more than your floors, we will be happy to recommend a contractor that we use.