Texas Flooring

Hot Weather Makes Certain Floors Risky in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US, and because of its size it has a great deal of climate variation. Much of the state is influenced by the Gulf Coast, which provides warm climate and mild winters. The biggest concern for Texas residents is the heat. Hot weather can damage different flooring materials like hardwood and bamboo, because these materials tend to expand and contract in hot weather. If you are installing new floors in the hot Texas weather, be sure to only install hardwood in a temperature controlled setting, otherwise you could be dealing with a warped floor in just a few months. Otherwise, slate floors and other types of natural stone stay cool in the hot weather while maintaining their shape.

Texas Architecture is Influenced by Mexico

Texas architecture pulls a lot of its influence from Spain and Mexico. Specifically, in San Antonio there are a lot of restored basilicas, churches, shrines and other religious buildings that feature rounded doorframes and windows, terra cotta bricks and low ceilings. All of these elements are derived from Spanish and Mexican influence. Alternatively, there are a lot of contemporary buildings throughout the state, including some commissioned by architect legend, Frank Lloyd Wright. Beyond major cities, farm ranches are popular throughout the suburbs of Texas. These homes are typically two stories with tile in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as hardwood floors throughout living spaces. Carpet is rarely used in these hot areas because they do not absorb heat and tend to make rooms much warmer.

Service Lists to Help Find a Floorer

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