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Virginia Climate Varies from Coastal to Downright Cold

Virginia is an eastern state that also sees a varied climate. Much of the state enjoys a moderate, coastal climate with hot winters, while the western half of the state sees four distinct seasons with a fair amount of snow. A lot of the state also sees a fair amount of thunderstorm activity, and all of this varied weather makes it important to find a floor that can withstand different types of weather. Hardwood is a good choice because it is durable and easy to clean, making it a good choice for areas that may see a bit of rain. Slate is also a good option because it is not only durable, but its matte finish creates a non-slip surface during rainy seasons. Other types of natural stone are also available in tumbled or honed finishes that provide a matte finish.

Early Settlers Influence Virginia Architecture

Virginia is home to Jamestown, one of the first settled towns in the US. Because of this, American Colonial architecture remains wildly popular throughout the state. Colonial architecture features two or three story homes with hardwood throughout the exterior and interior. When the early settlers first arrived, hardwood was the most readily available material. While that is not necessarily the case now, American Colonial Revival architecture still holds true to this tradition.

Contractors in Virginia Can Help Renovate Your Floors

If you are hiring a professional flooring contractor it is important to find someone experienced, and more importantly, licensed. Ask for references and work samples to ensure you are hiring a professional with experience. Our service contact lists plug you into a network of Virginia flooring contractors that have the experience to recommend flooring products, install your new floor, and give you tips on how to maintain your floors. We are also happy to recommend a professional kitchen and bathroom installer in your area if you are ready to update other rooms in your home.