Wisconsin Flooring

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Snow Galore in Wisconsin’s Snow Belt

Wisconsin is located near Lake Superior, in the infamous Snow Belt, which means it sees around 160 inches of snow annually. The great deal of snow residents endure means they need a floor they can rely on. Hardwood and bamboo make great flooring choices in this area, but can be slippery when wet so we recommend placing area rugs at entryways. Hardwood and bamboo are also easy to clean, which is helpful when mud and dirt are tracked in all winter long. Carpet is a good choice in living areas, but not for spaces that will see a lot of traffic from the outside, because of the sheer amount of moisture and mud from long and wet winters.

Architecture in Wisconsin is Similar to Many States

Wisconsin is like many “newer” American states in that the style is varied. Ranches, bungalows and cottages are predominant throughout rural and suburb areas. These types of homes utilize a lot of hardwood and brick. However, in urban areas like Milwaukee there are a lot of urban residential buildings with modern flair and environmentally friendly goals. There are several companies in Wisconsin that are reclaiming and reusing old building materials like hardwood and brick.

Flooring Contractors Can Help Update Your Wisconsin Home

If you are ready to update your floors, you should hire a professional floorer. A licensed floorer will be able to recommend flooring products, install them properly and recommend maintenance tips and products to ensure your floors last for decades. If you haven’t already, please check out our service contact lists for a full directory of Wisconsin floorers. If you are looking for a kitchen or bathroom installer, please let us know. We work with many licensed and reputable contractors and we’d be happy to recommend someone.