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A Classic Material that Brings a Traditional Look to Your Home

Travertine is a material made famous in Italy in buildings such as the Colosseum.  Travertine in the US today is primarily imported but comes not only from Italy but also Mexico, Peru, and Turkey.  Travertine tile requires an experts touch as this stone is naturally porous.  The travertine tile used inside your home is often treated, filled, and sealed to ensure easy cleaning.  Many homes today use different textures of travertine tile inside and outside to maintain a consistent and open look.

Enhance Your Home with a Natural Material   

Over the past 10 there has been an increase in home owners using natural stone such as travertine tile. The durability and strength of natural stone combined with a classic look is great for any room.  Travertine is a popular material in kitchens and bathrooms, however we often find that many homeowners are integrating travertine tile in their entire home.  

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Travertine comes in many colors and styles.  We always recommend that you select a few free travertine samples before making your final choice.  The natural grain and texture of travertine can be an incredible addition to the colors in your design.  If you have any questions in regards to our travertine products please contact our team anytime.  We wish you the best on your upcoming project.  

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