Advantages of Granite Flooring

Jim Williams
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Granite flooring has been used in a variety of residential and commercial spaces for decades. Granite is a form of natural stone, and provides all the benefits of this strong material that remodelers have come to expect. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of natural stone flooring.


Granite, as a stone product, is all natural. Granite is derived from the earth, and is completely hypoallergenic. This means it won’t harbor pet dander, dust, and other allergens the way other materials might. Granite is also bacteria resistant, making it the safer choice for your family. Granite is also available in recycled form, which makes it an eco-conscious choice.


There is no getting around it – granite is durable. Take advantage of the strength of this material by installing it in areas where there is heavy traffic or moisture spills. Granite is harder than marble, and more stain resistant, making it one of the strongest materials available.

Easy to Maintain

Many people shy away from natural stone, because they think it is difficult to take care of. However, granite is easy to maintain with some simple care. Dust mop and wet mop your granite regularly, and use a mild soap for it to stay clean and beautiful.


Granite is beautiful, as well as available in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. Express your creativity by installing a unique granite finish that will blend in beautifully with the rest of your décor.

When you look at all the benefits of installing granite in your home, it is easy to see why it is a popular choice for so many remodeling projects. Shop through the vast collections of granite tile flooring and find the perfect style, color, and finish of granite for your next flooring project.

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