Flooring Calculator

Make easy estimates for your next project.

120 sqft

Total = 132 sqft



total materials


total labor

Total Cost = $891

Measuring Tips

Treat the room as a square or rectangle and measure the widest part of the room (width) and the longest part of the room (length).

Include the dimension of closets or nooks in your overall measurement.

Our calculator will give you a rough idea of the total square feet of material you’ll need on your next flooring project.

We make it easy to calculate the 10 percent extra square footage to cover cuts and wasted materials automatically. Let’s figure out how many square feet you’ll need:

Note Our calculator doesn’t take specialty measurments into account (like pattern repeats).

Benefits of Calculating

Ballpark costs: If you know the cost per square foot, you can get a general idea of how my much your overall cost of flooring materials will be. (Most flooring is priced per-square-foot and sold by the box.)

Time to install: Knowing the full square footage will help you gauge how much time you will need to commit to your DIY flooring project. For example, a 100 square-foot space will require around seven to eight hours to install depending on the flooring materials used. A 500 square-foot space will require 5x more than that.

Placement plan: Measuring the overall dimensions of a space will help you as you create your furniture placement plan.