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American Olean is a tile manufacturing company that manufacturs and distributes porcelain and ceramic tiles. American Olean is a brand that many consumers have trusted for generations due to its variety of designs and quality.

American Olean was acquired by daltile in December 1995 and has continued its tradition of quality, style and varied product line. American Olean is known as a brand that offers fashionable product lines that provide unsurpassed beauty in any home who's floors are graced with it.

Distinct Tile Categories

American Olean divides its consumer product line into four distinct categories based on basic design and style type, and its commercial tiles according to material, to aid its customers in choosing the perfect tile for their home. Each of these distinct categories carries the quality and beauty that American Olean is famous for.

The four stylish consumer categories are:

  • Continental Rustics
  • Elemental Naturals
  • Signature Classics
  • Designer Essentials

The commercial categories include:

  • Porcelain Floor Tile
  • Natural Stone Tile
  • Quarry Tile
  • Floor Tile
  • Wall Tile
  • Mosaic Tile

Each category contains an array of beautiful tiles that you can choose to easily create a perfect enhancement to your home or business. Because of all the choices available to you, it won't be difficult to find the right tile to implement your unique design.


American Olean has a warranty program offered for products one-year from date of purchase. Any tile with a shortfall to perform to American Olean specifications as disclosed in product literature and national industry standards will be replaced by American Olean.

Your Personal Guide to Tile Selection

Have you ever walked into a tile store and have been overwhelmed with options? Each tile variety has unique properties (moisture absorption, strength and abrasion resistance), colors, and sizes. Well, American Olean can be your personal tile concierge. Your American Olean Tile dealer can help you to use this information in selecting the proper tile to use in various rooms.


American Olean is not only respected for its durable and beautiful tiles, but also for its commitment to the environment. In fact, a large percentage of its wall tile products and floor tile products are made from recycled materials, including scrap materials re-used from their own manufacturing processes and 10 of their product lines qualify for LEED credits. Additionally, their manufacturing facilities recycle water and encourage the process of reducing waste and reusing materials.

The Tile Advantage

Tile is very easy to clean and maintain, possesses good thermal conductivity (for floor-based heating systems), is highly resistant to scratching, bacteria-resistant and hygienic (great for those who have allergies), and non-flammable. Tile flooring is a top choice for homes or businesses for those reasons.  

American Olean Dealer Program

Using a dealer program, American Olean helps out not just the specialty flooring retail businesses, but also the customer. By providing its dealers and distributors with a wealth of product information, product kits and additional materials, they ensure the flooring specialist you speak with is thoroughly educated about tile and stone flooring. Because of this, American Olean dealers are known for their competence in the field of tiling and flooring, and providing customers with superior recommendations.

American Olean helps its customers with this program by bridging the gap between the company and client. Having numerous agents across the country and the world brings American Olean Tile closer to your home. Also, the support provided to these dealers ensures they'll provide high-quality installations in your home.

Take a look at the products that American Olean has to offer. With all these advantages and so much more, American Olean will bring you one step closer to the home of your dreams.

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