Anderson Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors have grown from a simple commodity to a symbol of refinement. Hardwood is one of the better choices of flooring options, since it gives beauty as well as durability. Hardwood also presents a lot of advantages when it comes to household cleanliness. When you're looking for hardwood floors that are tough as nails and beautiful, then you are looking for are in Anderson Hardwood Floors!

Anderson Hardwood Floors - Military Technology That Beautifies Your Home

Anderson Hardwood Floors are proven to be more stable than the average wood plank floors. Although water and wood don't mix at all, Anderson Hardwood Floors have the advantage if you are living in a more humid area. Anderson Hardwood Floors can offer you their Cross-Locked Engineered flooring that is more durable than other types of hardwood.

Solid Anderson Hardwood Flooring

Solid Anderson Hardwood Floors are available for traditional customers, and are single pieces or planks of wood that are usually cut with a ¾-inch thickness. Because of this thickness, Solid Anderson Hardwood Floors may be sanded and refinished over and over again, if the situation requires it. However, solid hardwood is known to struggle with humidity, since solid hardwood floors tend to shrink and expand with the changes in humidity, often with damaging results. For this reason, Solid Anderson Hardwood Flooring should be used in high-traffic areas on or above ground level, and should not be used in rooms with high levels of humidity (such as bathrooms) or areas below ground level.

Cross-Locked Engineered™ Anderson Hardwood Flooring

Traditional engineered hardwood flooring is a plank of hardwood made of separate thin sheets of hardwood molded together. This makes engineered hardwood more resistant to changes in humidity, and it is the perfect choice for areas below ground level. During the Second World War, Anderson Hardwood Flooring paved the way for engineered hardwoods. In fact, this technology was used as a hull by fast attack vessels that were deployed by the U.S. Navy at the time. After the war, veterans knew that if Cross-Locked Engineered™ Anderson Hardwood Floors were strong enough to withstand seawater, it was worth the risk to use it on concrete subfloors. By alternating the grain structure of five separate wood plies, cross-locking them together and bonding them with special water-resistant glue, Cross-Locked Engineered™ Anderson Hardwood Floors make a great choice for very wet conditions. For this reason, Cross-Locked Engineered™ Anderson Hardwood Floors have been the primary product of Anderson Hardwood Floors, and are the top choice for people who want to install hardwood floors in homes with higher than average humidity.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring is the top choice for tough hardwood flooring that can be stylish, elegant, beautiful, as well as strong. Installing Anderson Hardwood Flooring in your home will add value to it and keep it beautiful for years to come. In fact, with Anderson Hardwood Floors, you shouldn't be surprised if your hardwood floors outlast you!