Armstrong Hardwood Floors

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If you're looking for the right type of flooring for your home, you certainly have a lot of options. One of the best options is to install hardwood floors throughout your home. Presently, hardwood has risen to be a great fashion statement for homes, not only because of its beauty, but also because of its durability.

And if you're looking for quality hardwood floors, search under the brand that has been one of the leading names in hardwood floors: Armstrong Hardwood Floors!

Armstrong Hardwood Floors - Your Ideas Become Reality™

Armstrong Hardwood Floors are products of Armstrong World Industries Incorporated, one of the leading manufacturers of floors, ceilings, and cabinets. Armstrong operates 41 plants in 12 countries and has approximately 14,600 employees worldwide!

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring offers an extensive portfolio of choices, ranging from different types of hardwood floors to different types of finishes. It remains one of the foremost names in flooring, using environmentally safe materials without sacrificing the beauty of the finished product.

Solid Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Solid Armstrong Hardwood Floors are made with the finest materials and are exactly what the name implies - solid. Solid Armstrong Hardwood Floors are milled from single pieces of hardwood, and are cut to a ¾-inch thickness. An advantage of solid hardwood is, due to its thickness, it can be sanded and refinished as needed, due to wear and tear. However, solid hardwood in general does not fare well with changes in humidity, so it's not advisable to install them below ground levels. However, Armstrong Hardwood Floors make a great addition to high traffic rooms that are on or above ground level.

Engineered Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Combining layers of “crossgrain wood” makes engineered Armstrong Hardwood Floors. Because of this, Engineered Armstrong Hardwood Floors fare better than their solid counterparts when it comes to withstanding humidity changes. This makes Engineered Armstrong Hardwood Flooring a fine addition to any room that's below ground level and rooms that have higher than average humidity. However, it is still not recommended for bathrooms or similar high moisture areas.

Vast Amount of Choices

Armstrong Hardwood Floors come in wide variety of designs, species, and colors. Your hardwood floor will never go out of style. You're able to choose which species you prefer - oak, maple, walnut, ash and many more. And once you've made that choice, take at look at the array of styles and color range. It's all in your hands.

Commitment to the Environment

Armstrong does its part in making sure that it renews the wood it takes. It also enforces strict standards to ensure that only environmentally friendly and recyclable materials are used to get the job done, without sacrificing the beauty of the product.

Enjoy What Only Armstrong Hardwood Flooring Can Give You

Armstrong holds a variety of signature methods in making sure that the only quality you get is the best. Armstrong Hardwood Floors are made with the latest and most innovative ideas in the science of hardwood flooring.

For complete hardwood flooring that will last a lifetime, consider buying from one of the companies that knows the trade best. Armstrong Hardwood Floors has improved countless homes and offices with high-quality hardwood, and it's about time you enjoy that same beauty in your own home!