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If you are in the process of designing or renovating your home or business, you may be pondering whether or not to include contemporary accents in your design framework. Here’s the skinny on contemporary design so you can make an easy decision of whether this style is right for your space:

What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary style encompasses a range of design aesthetics developed in the eve of the 20th century. Often compared to modern design (link), contemporary design actually evolved much later. Unlike the monochromatic modern style, contemporary is juxtaposed by a mix of bland and bold colors, while still focusing on basic lines, shapes and forms. Contemporary design focuses on the “design of the day” or “the present moment”, and appeals to many for its that reason.

What Color Palate Works With Contemporary Style? notes that, “Contemporary interiors feature tone-on-tone color palettes relying heavily on brown, taupe, cream and pure white.” But, it’s not uncommon to see a brightly colored accent wall, piece of artwork, rug, or even flooring in a contemporary room.

More on Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is known to feature reflective surfaces, sleek architectural interiors, innovative graphical patterns and forms, and asymmetrical designs. Flooring like polished marble and porcelain tile create a clean finish to a contemporary room.

Enjoy the beauty of open-ended design and make contemporary your design du jour.

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