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A game room is as the name indicates - an area for games and recreation. Noisy activities, parties, children’s play, and entertaining are all activities hosted in this type of room. This multi-purposed room is used to host groups of children and teenagers, and is often located in a basement, or away from the “common areas” of a house.

Design Considerations

If creating a game room is in your future, first consider your budget. After you determine this, consider the design style you want to accompany the room. When determining design ask yourself, “Who in the household will be using the space, and what are their ages?” and “How do I envision this space to evolve over time?” Once you have set the budget and style, the consider the following points:

  • Focal point: Rooms with a focal point provide a beautiful aesthetic appeal. Whether a big-screen TV, a pool table, or an ornate sectional is the focus, it is up to you!
  • Games: What games do you want to feature in your room? Tabletop games, arcade games, Ping-Pong tables, table tennis, air hockey, foosball, and billiards area all commonly featured in a game room.
  • Extras: For spaces hosting an older age range, consider adding a microwave, popcorn maker, microwave, or wet bar. This can add an element of novelty and whim.

Material Considerations

Just as you would consider the age of occupants and use of space when deciding on design style, you also want to review the same points when selecting the your game room flooring. If the space serves to entertain small children, consider using a soft flooring material like cork flooring or carpet to avoid painful spills hard-on-the-knee surfaces.

If teenagers will primarily occupy this space, consider installing rubber flooring. Hard surfaces like natural stone, porcelain tile, or marble tile are not commonly used in a game room.

Intelligent Design

All in all - go for fun and utility in this type of space. Add fun prints, family photography, colorful paint, and make sure the space is designed for the right audience.

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