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Especially in warmer climates, who can forget outdoor living space. Consider a pool or patio to be added square footage if designed correctly. A pool and patio area can be used for entertaining guests, family time, grilling, and outdoor activities. Consider these design and material options as you build your perfect outdoor space:

Design Considerations

Before you build your outdoor space, consider its exposure to shade and sun, proximity to the house, and optimizing outdoor views. Duly noted: think about what activities you’ll partake in, such as entertaining, cooking, dining, swimming, and sun bathing. This will help you decide on not only the right outdoor layout and furnishings.

Material Considerations

Aside from wood decks, the concrete patio is gaining in popularity in American backyards. Drawn in by its low maintenance, cost, and durability, concrete patios are gaining traction among homeowners. Brick or natural stone also provide cool-on-the-foot and sleek options for pool and patio areas.

All in all, there are multiple material options for patios and pool areas, but they must have the following attributes:

  • Fast drying surface
  • Cool and comfortable to walk on
  • Slip-free
  • Engineered to expand and contract
  • Durable and weather-resistant

Intelligent Design

Don’t forget about outdoor lighting in our pool or patio space. If you plan to entertain after hours, make sure there is ample outdoor lighting. Also, to create a distinctive look, utilize ornate tile design on pool sidings, indoor patio spaces, and outdoor bars.

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