Shaw Hardwood Floors

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For one of the best flooring options, we're talking about hardwood! Hardwood is currently one of the top choices for home or office flooring options due to its beauty and reliability. If you're looking for great hardwood, it's always best to see the options given to you by one of the world's leading manufacturers of flooring products!

Shaw Hardwood Floors - Where Great Floors Begin

Shaw is a leading manufacturer of all types of flooring options, such as carpets, tiles, and more. Starting out as a simple dye manufacturer, Shaw has moved on to become the leading floor product manufacturer!

The secret to Shaw Hardwood Flooring and its quality is total involvement in all stages of the product, from manufacturing to delivery. Shaw Hardwood Floors even keeps its own fleet of trucks to make sure that you'll receive quality floors wherever you are in the United States, or around the globe.

Solid Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Solid Shaw Hardwood Floors are pieces of hardwood, usually milled from a single ¾-inch thick source. Because of its thickness, Solid Shaw Hardwood Floors can be sanded and refinished over and over again for many generations. However, solid hardwood in general is very susceptible to changes in humidity, so it is always best to install Solid Shaw Hardwood in places where there is an average level of humidity. Therefore, it is not advisable to install it below ground levels or in bathrooms, but it will surely beautify any room on or above ground level.

Engineered Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Shaw Hardwood Floors are made from several layers of wood, stacked and bonded using high pressure and heat. Because of this, Engineered Shaw Hardwood Floors can withstand changes in humidity better than solid hardwood floors. This also makes Engineered Shaw Hardwood Floors a better choice for rooms below ground levels. Shaw Engineered Hardwood Floors can be engineered with a hardwood core, or with a high-density fiberboard core. Because of this, Engineered Shaw Hardwood Floors can be used to cover your bathroom floors as well!

Choices to Choose From

Different wood finish styles, colors, and grain variations are available for Shaw Hardwood Floors, so you won't have any trouble in finding the exact style or color you desire. Enjoy picking out a hardwood floor that matches your furniture or your solid oak doors, because Shaw has everything you need and much more!

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Moldings

Shaw Hardwood Floors are also complimented by choices of molding for that great transition or intricate design. Stair noses are available to give an elegant transition between hardwood staircases, while reducers will solve your hardwood-to-tile transition headaches, and Thresholds provide great doorway transitions, especially from your wood floor to a thick tile or rug. T-moldings are available for that classic transition between two different types of hardwood floors, while Wall Bases and Quarter Rounds are available for a classic and visually appealing way to hide the necessary expansion space between your floor and your walls. With Shaw Hardwood Flooring Moldings, the possibilities are limitless!

Shaw Hardwood Floors are an excellent addition to any person's dream home! With so many beautiful hardwoods and coordinated moldings to choose from, Shaw Hardwood Floors can make your house even better!