Stain Removal for Carpet Tile

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Carpet stains happen no matter who lives in your home. Pets, children and guests can all leave behind reminders of their presence. Carpet stains can quickly go from a small mistake to a permanent problem. Removing stains from carpets is possible, but it takes specific technique and extra diligence.

Blot – Don’t wipe

The biggest error when cleaning up stains from carpet is to wipe and scrub the stain away. This technique can actually cause more harm than good because it can damage the carpet fibers and can cause the stain to set into the carpet pad.

Instead of wiping a stain, work a stain with a clean, white towel from the outside of the stain to the inside. Use a blotting technique to soak up the stain until the area is dry to the touch.

Stain Fighting Cleaners

Depending on the stain, there are several different cleaners you can use to fight odor and leave the area clean. Many experts will recommend a solution of ½ cup white vinegar, one-tablespoon dish soap and several cups of warm water. Spraying this solution on a stain and blotting dry repeatedly will help remove Kool-aid, juice and coffee. This mixture will also fight pet stain odor. You can also use several commercial spot cleaners that will work well, but use chemicals to fight stains. Always do a small spot test before using any cleaner to ensure it will not damage the carpet.

Dry Carpet Stains

Carpet stains that have already dried or are sticky require special techniques. First, you want to begin to moisture any hardened pet messes, lipstick or other hard stains. Use a clean, wet towel to blot the area until it is moistened. Use gloves to pick up any solid stain matter, and then use the same blotting technique to dry the stain. If gum has gotten stuck on your carpet you can harden it with a piece of ice and use gloves to remove it.

Carpet stain removal is an important part of cleaning and maintaining carpet tiles. Knowing how to treat a stain properly can be the difference between a small spill and a permanent stain.

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