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Before you start the construction for your new home or office, ask yourself, “What design style do I want to go for?” Traditional design may be the perfect design theme. Versatile and classic, a traditional style appeals to a wide range of spaces, from corporate offices to family rooms. Here's how traditional design breaks down:

What is Traditional Design?

A traditionally design space - whether a law office or a living room - captures an old-world feeling of opulence and luxury. Influenced by renaissance Europe, the French countryside, and even the middle East, traditional design blends rich textures, colors, finely crafted details, patterned fabrics, and architectural lines., notes, “Among the most popular traditional styles are British Colonial revival, 18th century English, 19th century neoclassical and French country.”

What Color Palate is Used?

Rich red and green tones are balanced with beige and tan for a ornate color palette. The traditional space is marked by bronze accents and intense wood hues to create an inviting, yet formal interior.

What Fabrication is Common With This Style?

Hallmarks of traditional design include deep wood tones, architectural details, and elegant furnishings.

  • Architectural embellishments like crown moldings, beveled wood paneling, intricate tile, built-in cabinetry, and arches are common in this design theme.
  • Flooring can range from intricate tile and elaborate wood floor patterns. Woods like mahogony, maple, Brazilian cherry, and oak are common choices for a traditional space.

Many designers and homeowners find this style appealing as it is a versatile and can be combined with other interior elements to create a unique-looking room. With a nod to the past, traditional design still remains the most popular decorating styles.

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