Polyester Matrix

Hard-Wearing Polyester Matrix Flooring for High Traffic Areas

Polyester Matrix flooring is a unique new type of flooring designed specifically to be durable and wear-resistant. The polyester matrix with granite, marble, or other particles for added dimensions is an inorganic, slip-resistant flooring perfect for use in any home. The polyester material is more durable-and therefore longer lasting-than most organic products, which are more prone to looking worn down upon heavy use. When you're replacing your flooring, one of the key things to keep in mind is durability. Nobody wants to go through renovations to have new floors that look worn again in a year, or even a few months. Polyester matrix flooring is the solution if your floors experience heavy traffic on a consistent basis.

Discount Flooring provides the lowest prices on this type of floor, making it affordable whether you're replacing the floor in a single room or doing some major renovations. For small projects, like simply replacing or upgrading your current flooring in high traffic hallways or rooms, polyester matrix can be surprisingly affordable. Even if you'd like to replace your flooring throughout the entire house, polyester matrix floors provide a high quality, hard-wearing surface at a very affordable price.

To find a contractor in your area that has experience installing polyester matrix floors, call a few of our listings in the service locator portion of our site. An important component to having beautiful floors is skillful craftsmanship during the installation process. Finding a contractor with experience and skill is crucial to making the most of your high quality floor materials from Discount Flooring.

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