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Finding the Right Floor For your Alaska Home

Alaska is thought of as a new frontier for many Americans. Vast acres of land are found throughout the state, and much of the state remains covered in snow for the better part of the year. In fact, Alaska is considered to have a subarctic climate because the summers in the state are so cool and short. Precipitation is varied throughout Alaska. A lot of the state sees a long, wet and rainy season while much of the state also sees a tremendous amount of snow. Because of the cold temperatures and extreme weather throughout a lot of Alaska, it’s important for homeowners to get a durable flooring material that can last for years. Natural stone is a popular choice because of its ability to stand up to moisture, temperature change and because it is easy to maintain. Hardwood is also a good choice, but it can expand and contract in extreme temperatures. Carpet, while easy to replace and affordable, may not withstand the amount of wear and tear associated with drastic climates.

Architectural Trends in Alaska

Juneau is the capital of Alaska and while its one of the larger cities in the state, its remote location (only accessible by boat and plane) don’t make it poised for growth. Much of the architecture in the city is made up of federal and state government buildings, which are modest and practical. A major economic driver throughout much of Alaska remains fishing, mostly because it is on the coast. Because of the modest, blue collar demographic of the state, architecture tends to rely on function first, and luxury second.

How to Find a Flooring Professional

If you are looking for a floor installer for your Alaska home be sure to check out our service contact lists for a thorough list of whom we recommend. If you don’t see your city, please let us know so we can help you find a reputable contractor near you. Always ask for work samples and/or testimonials from past clients before letting a licensed flooring professional into your home.