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Choosing the Right Floor in Colorado

When people think of Colorado, they often think of snow. While it is true that Colorado is home to some of the snowiest peaks in the US that is not all the state has to offer. Aside from the Rocky Mountains the state is also home to the Great Plains and the Colorado Plateau. Colorado’s climate is varied and complex. In fact, the southern half of the state is not always warmer than the northern half. Additionally, there are plenty of desert plains that don’t see a lot of precipitation. Because of the variety of weather the state sees, Colorado residents have a lot to consider when choosing flooring. Changes in altitude and humidity can be a cause for concern if installing hardwood floors that can expand and contract as temperature and humidity changes. Similarly, in areas that see a lot of snow (sometimes over 200 inches) homeowners rely on floors that can handle a lot of moisture but are easy to maintain such as natural stone and luxury vinyl tile covered in area rugs to prevent slipping.

Design and Architecture in Colorado

Colorado is home to many bustling cities and towns such as Denver and Aspen. Denver is home to many incredible buildings like the Capitol Building and the Brown Palace Hotel. Both of these buildings exhibit the rich history and culture of the city. Aspen, more known as being a ski resort offers a bustling town with some of the more expensive real estate throughout the US including expansive homes and condominiums. Most of these homes will include luxury natural stone as well as beautiful hardwood. The differences between these two popular destinations in Colorado are a testament to the varied style Colorado offers.

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