Florida Flooring

Florida Climate Affects Flooring

The majority of Florida is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, which certainly affects the weather. Florida enjoys a tropical climate that sees long, hot summers and mild winters. Because Florida can get so humid many homeowners do not opt for hardwood that may expand in high humidity. Instead, many choose something that will hold fast during hot, humid months such as natural stone or laminate.

Architectural Styles in Florida

Spanish influences affect the style of homes throughout a lot of Florida. Larger estates are often built with a Spanish Colonial Revival style including flat roofs, clay tiles and stucco tiles. Natural stones with a matte finish like terrazzo and terra cotta are often used throughout these homes for a rustic feel that maintains the Spanish influence. Florida’s art deco movement is being embraced by the commercial sectors of the state as well, and many industrial buildings showcase beautiful and modern artistic details. Still, modest homes include modern conveniences such as laminate and luxury vinyl tile.

Finding a Contractor To Install Your New Floor

If you are looking for a contractor in Florida to install your new floor, be sure to check out our contact service lists. There you’ll find a list of flooring professionals we recommend. Don’t see your city? Be sure to let us know so we can assist in finding you a reliable floorer near you. We can also help you find a full home renovator for your bathroom, kitchen and living room projects. As always, ask for past work examples before hiring a floorer so you can feel comfortable letting them install your new floor.