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Choosing a Floor For An Illinois Home

Illinois is a Midwestern state and home to some of the coldest and windiest winters in the US. Because of the cold and wintry weather, homeowners typically choose flooring options that are maintenance free and slip resistant. For a luxurious floor, natural stone with a matte finish is a good option because it is less slippery. On the other hand, carpet is slip resistant and warm underfoot during those cold, long winter months. The wet and windy climate requires a stable and durable floor such as hardwood.

Architecture and Design in Illinois

Chicago may not house the oldest buildings in the US, but it is certainly home to some of the more unique. Featuring some of the most famous American architecture, Chicago is home to The Chicago Building and the Chicago Avenue Pumping Station. While the urban areas feature skyscrapers and famous architecture, rural areas are filled with simpler ranch style homes and Tudor cottages. Tudor style homes typically have dark hardwood interiors and stucco ceilings. There are also many Colonial style homes with brick exteriors and hardwood or natural stone interiors.

Illinois Flooring Professionals

Find a reputable and licensed contractor to install your new floors. That way, you can trust that your floors will be installed correctly. Be sure to look at our service contact lists to start your search. We can also help you find a bathroom and kitchen contractor if you are renovating more than just your floors. If you don’t see your city listed, please let us know so we can help you find a qualified flooring professional. Let us help you find a flooring contractor in your area today.