Louisiana Flooring

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Hot Temperatures Affect Louisiana Flooring Products

Louisiana is another southern state with proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this, the state rarely sees snow and instead enjoys hot and humid summers with short and mild winters. Hardwood is a tricky investment in this state, mostly because of the severe humidity throughout the area. Hardwood and bamboo can expand and buckle in high humidity, so if you are installing a new floor you may want to consider a material that is less likely to contract, like natural stone. Materials like travertine and marble also stay cool underfoot, so this makes them more comfortable when extremely hot weather kicks in. Louisiana is also susceptible to extreme weather, including tornadoes and hurricanes, like the infamous Hurricane Katrina that wiped out much of Louisiana, including New Orleans, in 2005.

Architecture and Design In Louisiana

Because of early settlement and international influences (mostly Spanish and French), Louisiana has a great deal of unique architecture. Many older buildings are raised above ground to compensate for flooding and heat before air conditioning. Much of the architecture throughout the state is preserved from the 19th and early 19th centuries, including the famous French Quarter in New Orleans. In New Orleans, in particular, where much is being re-built after hurricane Katrina, modern and innovative architecture is a growing trend.

Contractors in Louisiana

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