Maryland Flooring

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Flooring Choices for Maryland

The small state of Maryland is home to famous cities including Baltimore and Ocean City. The climate throughout the state is typical of the east coast, with hot and humid summers and moderate to mild winters. Because the eastern half of the state borders the Atlantic Ocean, places like Ocean City see a more mild winter than those on the west coast. Precipitation is also fairly average throughout the state, allowing homeowners and contractors to choose from a variety of flooring materials. From bamboo and hardwood to laminate and natural stone, there are plenty of flooring products great for this type of climate. Keep in mind, if installing bamboo or hardwood flooring, do so in a temperature controlled setting so the planks will not expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate.

Architecture Types in Maryland

One of the more prominent home styles in Maryland (particularly Annapolis) is the Georgian style home. These homes were typical of the 18th and 19th century and feature an abundance of symmetrical windows as well as hardwood. Stone was used throughout entryways in some instances, but hardwood was the primary material used in these homes, which was typical of northeastern homes built at that time.

Finding A Maryland Flooring Contractor

When looking for a home floor renovator, find a reputable and licensed professional that can easily provide references and previous work samples. Check out our service contact lists for a complete list of flooring contractors in your area. If you don’t see the area you live in, be sure to let us know so we can help you find a flooring professional who can help you renovate your floors. We can also assist in finding you a bathroom or kitchen professional that can help renovate your entire room.