Maine Flooring

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Maine Winters and Flooring Products

Maine is a Northeastern state with a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. While the proximity to the ocean moderates the climate throughout the small state, Maine still endures a long, cold and snowy winter. Much of the winter in Maine is spent below freezing, with average lows dipping to 0 degrees during the long and cold months. If choosing a floor for a Maine home, it is wise to consider two things: comfort and maintenance. Because Maine is so wet and snowy it is important to pick a floor that is easy to clean, like hardwood in living areas and laminate or natural stone in kitchens and bathrooms. Area rugs should be used in doorways in order to absorb moisture from wet boots.

Architectural Styles in Maine

Much of the architectural style of Maine comes from preserving historical homes built in the 1800s. Maine is filled with small fishing towns outside bustling cultural hubs like Portland. Inside these towns are beautiful coast homes and ranches, as well as farmhouses and cottages. In many towns, like Brunswick, every street corner is home to a historically relevant and beautiful Federal or Colonial style house. Inside these homes is a lot of restored hardwood as well a natural stone like marble and ceramic. However in rennovated homes and more modern buildings built for affordability and convenience, older tile is replaced with laminate and luxury vinyl tile.

Finding a Floorer in Maine

Looking for a floorer for your Maine home? Please look at our service contact lists to find a licensed floorer near you. If you do not see your city or area listed, let us know so we can assist in finding a floorer you can trust. Always hire a flooring expert that is licensed, insured and that can offer work samples and references. If you are renovating your kitchen or bath we can also help you find a complete home contractor.