Minnesota Flooring

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Flooring Types in Minnesota

Minnesota is a unique state in that it is home to 10,000 lakes as well as some of the oldest rock formations in the country. The climate is typical of the Midwestern US and most of the state endures a hot summer with a long and very cold winter. Minnesota residents also see snow and some blizzards throughout the cold winter. Snow means a lot of excess moisture, so it is important for Minnesota residents to consider this when choosing a floor product. Many Minnesotans prefer carpet in living areas and bedrooms because it is easy to clean and is warm and comfortable underfoot. Hardwood is also a popular choice because it can withstand a fair amount of damage and typically lasts a long time. Brick and cement tiles are also growing in popularity because they are affordable, rustic and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Types of Minnesota Homes

There is a varying architectural style in Minnesota. Minneapolis is home to beautiful and abstract buildings like the Weisman Art Gallery, which is truly one of a kind. Saint Paul, the state capital, features a Midwestern hub for business and offers commercial buildings filled with natural stone, as well as modern and efficient multi-family housing with more economical flooring choices. Less populated areas of the state house ranches and colonial style homes that will typically have hardwood floors as well as more modern laminate and carpet.

Floorers in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Finding a floorer in Minnesota is as easy as browsing our service contact lists where you will find dozens of professionals in your area. Don’t see your area listed? Please let us know so we can help you in finding a reliable floorer. As with any contractor, don’t hire a floorer until you have seen references and previous works samples you are comfortable with. Discount Flooring can also help you find a bathroom and/or kitchen contractor to help with other renovations throughout your home.