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How Weather Affects Flooring Choices in Missouri

While Missouri is commonly thought of as part of the midwest, some of its climate is typical of the southern half of the nation. Most of Missouri experiences hot summers and mild to moderate winters. However, Missouri is one of the midwestern states that experiences extreme and potentially dangerous weather. Most recently, Joplin, Missouri was severely wiped out by the 2011 Joplin tornado. Stability is one of the largest concerns for homeowners in this area, making reinforced concrete foundations very important. Hardwood and natural stone are both some of the strongest materials available and when maintained properly will last for decades.

Home Styles in Missouri

There are plenty of home styles throughout Missouri. From larger Victorian style homes with several stories and wraparound porches, to ranch style homes with one story and an attached garage, there is no specific style regarding residential dwellings. On the other hand, urban settings like St. Louis offer specific architecture for residents like French Colonial revival homes or townhouses. Each of these types of buildings will offer a variety of materials, depending on the owner. Natural stone and hardwood are typically uses for upscale and modern buildings, while laminate and vinyl tile are used in efficient homes.

Flooring Help in Missouri

Find a flooring professional by looking through our service contact lists where you can find a reliable floorer in your city. Please let us know if you don’t see your city so we can assist in finding a professional near you. Before letting anyone do work on your home, be sure to ask for previous work samples and references. That way you can be sure you’re hiring an experienced and licensed professional. Discount Flooring can also recommend a kitchen and/or bathroom contractor for your more extensive projects.