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Choosing Flooring in North Carolina

Like many of the eastern US states, North Carolina sees a varied climate in part do to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The coast sees a milder climate with hot winters and moderate winters. However, the Appalachian Mountain region is the coldest part of the state where the temperature often dips below freezing. North Carolina is also susceptible to extreme weather including hurricanes. Typically, a tropical storm will hit North Carolina every few years. Because of the variety of climate throughout the state, homeowners have a lot of consider. Because of the extreme weather, it is necessary to choose a durable and stable material like hardwood or bamboo. Natural stone is also a good option. During the winter months, keep area rugs in living spaces and entryways to warm up the floor and to catch debris. Choose a floor that is easy to maintain but one that will last decades.

Historical Architecture Preserved in North Carolina

There are several cities in North Carolina that have a unique blend of historical architecture. Asheville, for example has an interesting blend of historical buildings because of its lingered financial hardships during the Great Depression. Old buildings were not torn down because there was no money for renewal and growth. As a result there is an abundance of Gothic and Renaissance Revival architecture throughout the city. Throughout rural areas of North Carolina there are plenty of ranch, beach and farm style homes depending on the region.

Contractors and Floorers in North Carolina

Find a North Carolina floorer by searching our service contact lists, where you will find a complete directory of local floorers. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please let us know so we can help you find the best floorers in your city. We are also happy to recommend a bathroom and kitchen renovator for all your home renovation needs. Be sure you are hiring a reputable and licensed contractor before letting anyone perform work on your home.