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Cold Winters and North Dakota Flooring Material

North Dakota is located in the area of the US known as the Great Plains. Because the state is at least 1,000 from a large body of water, the climate is somewhat dry and moderate. However, North Dakota does see very cold winters in combination with its mild winters. The cold winters require a floor that can stand up to freezing temperatures, while still providing comfort underfoot. It is recommended that homeowners choose a durable flooring material like bamboo or hardwood or even natural stone and warm up the area with area rugs. Living rooms and playrooms would also do well with wall-to-wall carpeting because these areas are typically where people are spending a lot of time without shoes.

Types of North Dakota Homes

A popular type of home throughout North Dakota is the modular home. Modular homes are built in a remote location, and then shipped to wherever they will be used. Modular homes are often built in sections and set into single-family homes and in some cases, commercial residences. Many modular homes are custom built, allowing the homeowner to choose the finishing materials, however they often come with hardwood and laminate. In some cases, more extensive modular homes will be built with natural stone. Other than modular homes, brick ranches are also a popular home style. These will also have a lot of hardwood throughout them.

Floorers for Your North Dakota Home

Our service contact lists are designed to help you find an experienced floorer who can help you design and install your floor, as well as give you helpful tips for maintaining any type of flooring material. If you don’t find your city included in our contact lists be sure to let us know so we can help you find someone experienced near you. Before hiring anyone to perform working on your home it is important to ask for references and previous work samples to be sure you are hiring someone with experience and professional testimonials. Discount Flooring can also assist in finding a professional who can help you renovate your kitchen and/or bathroom.