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New Jersey Flooring Products and Homes

The weather throughout New Jersey is typical of the northeast. While there is some variety throughout the state, most of the area sees hot/humid summers coupled with some extreme winters. Areas of higher elevation, like the northwest will have colder temperatures, while the southeast, because of its Atlantic Ocean border sees a milder climate. Humidity is a big concern for residents in New Jersey, because certain flooring products like hardwood and bamboo will expand in areas of high humidity and extreme temperatures. If you are interested in installing these types of products it is important to do so in a temperature controlled room.

Design and Home Style in New Jersey

Urban areas of New Jersey, like Jersey City feature apartment homes and multi-family housing. Most of these homes will feature hardwood and laminate. Rural areas of New Jersey feature ranch style homes with hardwood and some natural stone along the exterior, while more expansive estates include more natural stone like marble and granite. Throughout the suburbs there is a lot of post World War II multi-family housing made of mostly brick and hardwood. Because of the variety of homes in the state there will subsequently be a variety of flooring products, especially because extreme climate is of little to no concern throughout the state.

Experienced Floorers In Your Area

References and work samples are the best ways to make sure you are hiring an experienced floorer you can trust to complete quality work on your home. If you are just starting your flooring search, check out our service contact lists where you will find directories of contractors in your area. If you don’t see your city in our directories let us know so we can help you find a quality floorer near you. Discount Flooring can also help you find a trustworthy kitchen and bathroom contractor that can update other areas of your home.