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Dry Climates Affect Housing in Nevada

Nevada is mostly desert, and residents enjoy a dry climate with semiarid temperatures. While winters tend to be long in the northern section of the state, overall the state sees very little precipitation. In hot, dry climates it is important to protect your floors from cracking, buckling and expansion. If installing hardwood, bamboo or laminate be sure to keep them in rooms that are temperature controlled. Keep in mind that natural stone and tile will perform best in hot climates because they won’t expand or contract. Similarly, during hot summer months natural stone will stay cool underfoot.

Nevada Design and Architecture

Because of the proximity to Mexico, a lot of the real estate is influenced by Spanish style. Spanish style homes have low roofs with round windows, as well as decorative doorframes and stucco walls. The decorative tiles around the doors and windows are often terra cotta or brick. Pueblo style homes are also popular throughout the state. These types of homes have flat roofs walls that are plastered to give a heavy look. Natural stone and brick are among the popular flooring products throughout Nevada homes.

Finding A Floorer in Nevada

If you are looking for a floorer don’t forget to browse our service contact lists to find a professional in your area. If you don’t see your Nevada city, please let us know so we can help you find a floorer you can trust. If you are looking for a kitchen or bathroom contractor we can also recommend someone near you. No matter the renovation project, always ask for references and work samples before letting someone work on your home.