South Carolina Flooring

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South Carolina Precipitation When Choosing Flooring Products

South Carolina is one of the wetter states along the eastern coast. While snow is rare throughout the state, wet weather is common throughout the rest of the year. On the other hand, hurricanes are common in South Carolina, with peak season from June until November. Slippery floors are a concern where wet weather is abundant, so if you want to install a slip resistant floor consider natural stone tile (like terrazzo or slate) with a matte finish. Matte finish floors are less slippery than those with a high gloss finish. You could also invest in a honed or tumbled natural stone too. These are great options for entryways and other spaces where wetness is tracked from the outside in.

Old South Architecture in South Carolina

Throughout parts of South Carolina is the classic southern style called Antebellum architecture. These types of houses are often Greek Revival plantations with large columns and natural stone throughout the exterior and interior. In other parts of the state are bungalows and coastal homes that have a lot of hardwood and tile, especially in eat-in kitchens and bathrooms. The rich history combined with modern architecture combines in South Carolina to bring an eclectic variation in architecture throughout the state.

Finding Flooring Experts in South Carolina

Asking for references and previous work samples will ensure you are hiring a licensed and experienced floorer in South Carolina. We offer service contact lists that allow you to locate a professional floorer in your area to help you install your new floor as well as provide tips on maintaining your new floor. We can also recommend a contractor that can help update other areas in your home like the kitchen or bathroom. If you don’t see your city listed in our service lists be sure to let us know so that we can help you find a floorer near you.