South Dakota Flooring

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Dry Climate in South Dakota

South Dakota is part of the Great Plains, and as a result does not see an excess of precipitation. Winters are often cold, but without an abundance of snow. Typically, South Dakota enjoys a dry climate without excessive heat. Because of the moderated weather, homeowners have the luxury of choosing from the many flooring products available. From natural stone like travertine and marble to hardwood, bamboo and even cork there are plenty of viable flooring options to choose from when installing a new floor in South Dakota.

Architecture & Home Styles in South Dakota

There are many different types of architecture in South Dakota including Classic and Colonial Revival architecture that feature hardwood exteriors and floors as well as art deco buildings in urban areas. Modern, art deco homes will typically utilize hardwood and eco-friendly bamboo. In suburban areas of South Dakota there are plenty of farmhouses and ranches that exhibit hardwood in living areas and stone tile in kitchens and bathrooms. Because of the moderated weather in the Great Plains, South Dakota residents have a fair amount of variety when choosing types of homes as well as flooring products.

South Dakota Flooring Professionals

Please check out our service contact lists to find a South Dakota flooring professional near you. Don’t see your city? Let us know so we can help you find a professional in your area. Discount Flooring can also recommend a kitchen/bathroom renovator in your area that can assist in updating other areas in your home. No matter where you find a contractor or flooring professional be sure you confirm that they are licensed and can furnish references. Find an experienced flooring professional in your area to help you update your floors today.