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Don’t Move to Vermont If You Don’t Like Snow

Vermont is in New England, and New England gets a lot of snow. Beyond this, Vermont is one of the coldest states in the US, with an average temperature of around 43 degrees annually. Cold weather brings a unique set of considerations when choosing flooring products. Homeowners want to find a durable floor that will provide comfort during cold and snowy winters. Carpet is a good option for living spaces, but you definitely want to choose something more durable for entryways, kitchens and other areas that see a lot of traffic. Hardwood and bamboo hold up nicely in winter months, but be sure to lay area rugs in doorways and under sinks to help absorb moisture and catch debris. Area rugs can also warm up living rooms and other spaces where families spend a lot of time.

Revival Architecture Abundant in Vermont

Revival architecture is some of the most prevalent throughout much of Vermont. Federal, Gothic and Greek Revival buildings and homes are typically larger and use more natural stone like marble and porcelain. These homes are not vernacular, or typical of everyday architecture. On the other hand, Colonial and Bungalow style homes are more exemplary of the everyday style of home throughout Vermont and New England. These homes utilize more hardwood then Greek and Gothic Revival architecture and can be reasonably restored and renovated for everyday family use.

Licensed Floorers in Vermont and New England

Check out or service contact lists to find reputable and licensed Vermont floorers. While you’re at it, we can also help you find a kitchen and/or bathroom installer if you are ready to update other spaces in your home. No matter the project, always ask for references and work samples to be sure you are getting a professional floorer that can properly install your floors.